Distributed archive and single access system for accelerometric event data : a NERIES initiative

Catherine Péquegnat, Raphael Jacquot, Philippe Gueguen, Stéphanie Godey, Laurent Frobert

We developed a common access facility to homogeneously formatted accelerometric event data and to the corresponding sheet of ground motion parameters. This paper is focused on the description of the technical development of the accelerometric data server and the link with the accelerometric data explorer. The server is the third node of the 3-tier architecture of the distributed archive system for accelerometric data. The server is the link between the data users and the accelero- metric data portal. The server follows three main steps: (1) Reading and analysis of the end-user request; (2) Processing and converting data; and (3) Archiving and updating the accelerometric data explorer. This paper presents the description of the data server and the data explorer for accessing data.

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