Stereo image Transference & Retrieval over SMS

Muhammad Fahad Khan, Saira Beg

Paper presents the way of transferring stereo images using SMS over GSM network. Generally, Stereo image is composed of two stereoscopic images in such way that gives three dimensional affect when viewed. GSM have two short messaging services, which can transfer images and sounds etc. Such services are known as; MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and EMS (Extended Messaging Service). EMS can send Predefined sounds, animation and images but have limitation that it does not support widely. MMS can send much higher contents than EMS but need 3G and other network capability in order to send large size data up to 1000 bytes. Other limitations are Portability, content adaption etc. Our major aim in this paper is to provide an alternative way of sending stereo images over SMS which is widely supported than EMS. We develop an application using J2ME Platform.

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