Symbol-Index-Feedback Polar Coding Schemes for Low-Complexity Devices

Xudong Ma

Recently, a new class of error-control codes, the polar codes, have attracted much attention. The polar codes are the first known class of capacity-achieving codes for many important communication channels. In addition, polar codes have low-complexity encoding algorithms. Therefore, these codes are favorable choices for low-complexity devices, for example, in ubiquitous computing and sensor networks. However, the polar codes fall short in terms of finite-length error probabilities, compared with the state-of-the-art codes, such as the low-density parity-check codes. In this paper, in order to improve the error probabilities of the polar codes, we propose novel interactive coding schemes using receiver feedbacks based on polar codes. The proposed coding schemes have very low computational complexities at the transmitter side. By experimental results, we show that the proposed coding schemes achieve significantly lower error probabilities.

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