A MDA approach for defining WS-Policy semantic non-functional properties

Fatima-Zahra Belouadha, Hajar Omrana, Ounsa Roudies

A lot of works has been especially interested to the functional aspect of Web services. Nevertheless, it is necessary to describe their non-functional properties such as the security characteristics and the quality of service. The WS-Policy standard was recommended in 2007 to describe Web services policies including the non-functional properties. However, it doesn't provide any information of their meaning necessary for automatic processes. In this paper, we propose a Model Driven Architecture approach founded on W3C standards to generate WSDL language based files including semantic policies. We use a package of WSDL and WS-Policy profiles and transformations rules to generate Web services interfaces files including policies. We extend a XML schema profile according to SAWSDL standard to define semantic non-functional properties domains. This work contributes to minimize the development cost of Web services including semantic policies. Moreover, the generated services can be automatically processed in discovery, selection and negotiation tasks.

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