A United Image Force for Deformable Models and Direct Transforming Geometric Active Contorus to Snakes by Level Sets

Hongyu Lu, Yutian Wang, Shanglian Bao

A uniform distribution of the image force field around the object fasts the convergence speed of the segmentation process. However, to achieve this aim, it causes the force constructed from the heat diffusion model unable to indicate the object boundaries accurately. The image force based on electrostatic field model can perform an exact shape recovery. First, this study introduces a fusion scheme of these two image forces, which is capable of extracting the object boundary with high precision and fast speed. Until now, there is no satisfied analysis about the relationship between Snakes and Geometric Active Contours (GAC). The second contribution of this study addresses that the GAC model can be deduced directly from Snakes model. It proves that each term in GAC and Snakes is correspondent and has similar function. However, the two models are expressed using different mathematics. Further, since losing the ability of rotating the contour, adoption of level sets can limits the usage of GAC in some circumstances.

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