Abstract unordered and ordered trees CRDT

Stéphane Martin, Mehdi Ahmed-Nacer, Pascal Urso

Trees are fundamental data structure for many areas of computer science and system engineering. In this report, we show how to ensure eventual consistency of optimistically replicated trees. In optimistic replication, the different replicas of a distributed system are allowed to diverge but should eventually reach the same value if no more mutations occur. A new method to ensure eventual consistency is to design Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDT). In this report, we design a collection of tree CRDT using existing set CRDTs. The remaining concurrency problems particular to tree data structure are resolved using one or two layers of correction algorithm. For each of these layer, we propose different and independent policies. Any combination of set CRDT and policies can be constructed, giving to the distributed application programmer the entire control of the behavior of the shared data in face of concurrent mutations. We also propose to order these trees by adding a positioning layer which is also independent to obtain a collection of ordered tree CRDTs.

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