Recognizing Bangla Grammar using Predictive Parser

K. M. Azharul Hasan, Al-Mahmud, Amit Mondal, Amit Saha

We describe a Context Free Grammar (CFG) for Bangla language and hence we propose a Bangla parser based on the grammar. Our approach is very much general to apply in Bangla Sentences and the method is well accepted for parsing a language of a grammar. The proposed parser is a predictive parser and we construct the parse table for recognizing Bangla grammar. Using the parse table we recognize syntactical mistakes of Bangla sentences when there is no entry for a terminal in the parse table. If a natural language can be successfully parsed then grammar checking from this language becomes possible. The proposed scheme is based on Top down parsing method and we have avoided the left recursion of the CFG using the idea of left factoring.

Knowledge Graph



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