Automatic Detection of Diabetes Diagnosis using Feature Weighted Support Vector Machines based on Mutual Information and Modified Cuckoo Search

Davar Giveki, Hamid Salimi, GholamReza Bahmanyar, Younes Khademian

Diabetes is a major health problem in both developing and developed countries and its incidence is rising dramatically. In this study, we investigate a novel automatic approach to diagnose Diabetes disease based on Feature Weighted Support Vector Machines (FW-SVMs) and Modified Cuckoo Search (MCS). The proposed model consists of three stages: Firstly, PCA is applied to select an optimal subset of features out of set of all the features. Secondly, Mutual Information is employed to construct the FWSVM by weighting different features based on their degree of importance. Finally, since parameter selection plays a vital role in classification accuracy of SVMs, MCS is applied to select the best parameter values. The proposed MI-MCS-FWSVM method obtains 93.58% accuracy on UCI dataset. The experimental results demonstrate that our method outperforms the previous methods by not only giving more accurate results but also significantly speeding up the classification procedure.

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