Nimble@ITCEcnoGrid: A Grid in Research Domain for Weather Forecasting

Vijay Dhir, Rattan K. Datta, Maitreyee Dutta

Computer Technology has Revolutionized Science. This has motivated scientists to develop mathematical model to simulate salient features of Physical universe. These models can approximate reality at many levels of scale such as atomic nucleus, Earth's biosphere & weather/climate assessment. If the computer power is greater, the greater will be the accuracy in approximation i.e. close will be the approximation to the reality. The speed of the computer required for solution of such problems require computers with processing power of teraflops to Pets flops speed.. The way to speed up the computation is to "parallelize" it. One of the approach is to use multimillion dollar Supercomputer or use Computational Grid (which is also called poor man's supercomputer) having geographically distributed resources e.g. SETI@home (Used to detect radio waves emitted by intelligent civilizations outside earth) has 4.6 million participants computers. There are many alternatives tools available to achieve this goal like Globus Toolkit, Entropia, Legion, BOINC etc but they are mainly based on Linux platform. As majority of the computers available are windows based, so it will be easy to develop a larger network of computers which will use the free cycles of the computer to solve the complex problem at window platform. Nimble@ITCEcnoGrid has been developed. It includes the feature of Inter Thread Communication which is missing in any of the toolkits available. Nimble@ITCEcnoGrid Framework (A Fast Grid with Inter-thread communication with Economic Based Policy) was tested for computation of 'PI' up to 120 decimal points. Encouraged by the speed the same system has been utilized to computes the Momentum, Thermodynamics and Continuity equations for the Weather Forecasting using the Windows based Desktop computers.

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