Improved Strategies for Enhanced Business Performance in Cloud based IT Industries

T. R. Gopalakrishnan Nair, M. Vaidehi, V. Suma

Emergence of sophisticated technologies in IT industries has posed several challenges such as production of products using advanced technical process for instance Result Orientation Approach, Deployment, Assessment and Refinement (RADAR) in a dynamic and competitive environment. The key challenge for any engineer is therefore to develop process and products which ultimately lead towards total customer satisfaction. Recent development in technology has driven most of the IT industries to operate in the cloud environment due to reduced infrastructure investment and maintenance overheads. However, existing process in cloud lacks efficient multiple service paradigms that can provide improved business gain. Thus, it is the responsibility of every engineer to contribute towards effective and efficient techniques and models that can enhance the business performance. The position of this paper is to present several major issues prevailing in the IT industries such as delay time, response time, performance etc., which call for immediate attention in order to position themselves in the market. Further, this paper provides improved strategies through efficient job scheduling and modified resource allocation techniques for aforementioned issues in order to enhance the business performance in cloud-based IT sectors. The simulated results provided in this paper indicate the impact of enhanced solutions incorporated in the job processing strategies. They further enable better performance of the cloud with reduced delay and response time resulting towards improved throughput. Subsequently, it increases the job acceptance ratio with respect to time and thereby leading the industry to accomplish total customer satisfaction in addition to the continued sustainability in the competitive business market.

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