Elasticity on Ontology Matching of Folksodriven Structure Network

Massimiliano Dal Mas

Nowadays folksonomy tags are used not just for personal organization, but for communication and sharing between people sharing their own local interests. In this paper is considered the new concept structure called "Folksodriven" to represent folksonomies. The Folksodriven Structure Network (FSN) was thought as folksonomy tags suggestions for the user on a dataset built on chosen websites - based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). Morphological changes, such as changes in folksonomy tags chose have direct impact on network connectivity (structural plasticity) of the folksonomy tags considered. The goal of this paper is on defining a base for a FSN plasticity theory to analyze. To perform such goal it is necessary a systematic mathematical analysis on deformation and fracture for the ontology matching on the FSN. The advantages of that approach could be used on a new interesting method to be employed by a knowledge management system.

Knowledge Graph



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