A comparison algorithm to check LTSA Layer 1 and SCORM compliance in e-Learning sites

Souvik Sengupta, Saurabh Pal, Nilanjan Banerjee

The success of e-Learning is largely dependent on the impact of its multimedia aided learning content on the learner over the hyper media. The e-Learning portals with different proportion of multimedia elements have different impact on the learner, as there is lack of standardization. The Learning Technology System Architecture (LTSA) Layer 1 deals with the effect of environment on the learner. From an information technology perspective it specifies learner interaction from the environment to the learner via multimedia content. Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCROM) is a collection of standards and specifications for content of web-based e-learning and specifies how JavaScript API can be used to integrate content development. In this paper an examination is made on the design features of interactive multimedia components of the learning packages by creating an algorithm which will give a comparative study of multimedia component used by different learning packages. The resultant graph as output helps us to analysis to what extent any LMS compliance LTSA layer 1 and SCORM specification.

Knowledge Graph



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