\'Evaluation et consolidation d'un r\'eseau lexical via un outil pour retrouver le mot sur le bout de la langue

Alain Joubert, Mathieu Lafourcade, Didier Schwab, Michael Zock

Since September 2007, a large scale lexical network for French is under construction through methods based on some kind of popular consensus by means of games (JeuxDeMots project). Human intervention can be considered as marginal. It is limited to corrections, adjustments and validation of the senses of terms, which amounts to less than 0,5 % of the relations in the network. To appreciate the quality of this resource built by non-expert users (players of the game), we use a similar approach to its construction. The resource must be validated by laymen, persistent in time, on open class vocabulary. We suggest to check whether our tool is able to solve the Tip of the Tongue (TOT) problem. Just like JeuxDeMots, our tool can be considered as an on-line game. Like the former, it allows the acquisition of new relations, enriching thus the (existing) network.

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