Scaling of Congestion in Small World Networks

Iraj Saniee, Gabriel H. Tucci

In this report we show that in a planar exponentially growing network consisting of $N$ nodes, congestion scales as $O(N^2/\log(N))$ independently of how flows may be routed. This is in contrast to the $O(N^{3/2})$ scaling of congestion in a flat polynomially growing network. We also show that without the planarity condition, congestion in a small world network could scale as low as $O(N^{1+\epsilon})$, for arbitrarily small $\epsilon$. These extreme results demonstrate that the small world property by itself cannot provide guidance on the level of congestion in a network and other characteristics are needed for better resolution. Finally, we investigate scaling of congestion under the geodesic flow, that is, when flows are routed on shortest paths based on a link metric. Here we prove that if the link weights are scaled by arbitrarily small or large multipliers then considerable changes in congestion may occur. However, if we constrain the link-weight multipliers to be bounded away from both zero and infinity, then variations in congestion due to such remetrization are negligible.

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