Real Time Communication Capacity for Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks

Deepali Virmani, Satbir Jain

Real-time applications are performance critical applications that require bounded service latency. In multi-hop wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, communication delays are dominant over processing delays. Therefore, to enable real-time applications in such networks, the communication latency must be bounded. In this paper, we derive expressions of real-time capacity that characterize the ability of a network to deliver data on time as well as develop network protocols that achieve this capacity. Real-time capacity expressions are obtained and analyzed for the earliest deadline first, deadline monotonic. This paper presents a treatment of the real-time capacity limits. The limits are derived for two extreme traffic topologies namely, the load balanced topology and the convergecast (i.e., many-to-one) topology. It considers DM and EDF scheduling algorithms, and discusses the implications of the capacity limit expressions.

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