List decoding subspace codes from insertions and deletions

Venkatesan Guruswami, Srivatsan Narayanan, Carol Wang

We present a construction of subspace codes along with an efficient algorithm for list decoding from both insertions and deletions, handling an information-theoretically maximum fraction of these with polynomially small rate. Our construction is based on a variant of the folded Reed-Solomon codes in the world of linearized polynomials, and the algorithm is inspired by the recent linear-algebraic approach to list decoding. Ours is the first list decoding algorithm for subspace codes that can handle deletions; even one deletion can totally distort the structure of the basis of a subspace and is thus challenging to handle. When there are only insertions, we also present results for list decoding subspace codes that are the linearized analog of Reed-Solomon codes (proposed previously, and closely related to the Gabidulin codes for rank-metric), obtaining some improvements over similar results in previous work.

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