Classification of Flames in Computer Mediated Communications

Nitin, Ankush Bansal, Siddhartha Mahadev Sharma, Kapil Kumar, Anuj Aggarwal, Sheenu Goyal, Kanika Choudhary, Kunal Chawla, Kunal Jain, Manav Bhasin

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) has brought about a revolution in the way the world communicates with each other. With the increasing number of people, interacting through the internet and the rise of new platforms and technologies has brought together the people from different social, cultural and geographical backgrounds to present their thoughts, ideas and opinions on topics of their interest. CMC has, in some cases, gave users more freedom to express themselves as compared to Face-to-face communication. This has also led to rise in the use of hostile and aggressive language and terminologies uninhibitedly. Since such use of language is detrimental to the discussion process and affects the audience and individuals negatively, efforts are being taken to control them. The research sees the need to understand the concept of flaming and hence attempts to classify them in order to give a better understanding of it. The classification is done on the basis of type of flame content being presented and the Style in which they are presented.

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