Protection from Unresponsive Flows with Geometric CHOKe

Addisu Tadesse Eshete, Yuming Jiang

This paper proposes a simple and stateless active queue management (AQM) scheme, called geometric CHOKe (gCHOKe), to protect responsive flows from unresponsive ones. The proposed gCHOKe has its root on and is a generalization of the original CHOKe. It provides an extended power of flow protection, achieved by introducing an extra flow matching trial upon each successful matching of packets. Compared to the plain CHOKe, analysis and simulation show that gCHOKe can achieve over 20% improvement in the bounds of both bandwidth and buffer space used by an aggressive flow. In addition, up to 14% of the total link capacity can be saved from the unresponsive flow, allowing responsive or rate-adaptive flows to obtain a better share of resources in the router.

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