Gaussian Stochastic Linearization for Open Quantum Systems Using Quadratic Approximation of Hamiltonians

Igor G. Vladimirov, Ian R. Petersen

This paper extends the energy-based version of the stochastic linearization method, known for classical nonlinear systems, to open quantum systems with canonically commuting dynamic variables governed by quantum stochastic differential equations with non-quadratic Hamiltonians. The linearization proceeds by approximating the actual Hamiltonian of the quantum system by a quadratic function of its observables which corresponds to the Hamiltonian of a quantum harmonic oscillator. This approximation is carried out in a mean square optimal sense with respect to a Gaussian reference quantum state and leads to a self-consistent linearization procedure where the mean vector and quantum covariance matrix of the system observables evolve in time according to the effective linear dynamics. We demonstrate the proposed Hamiltonian-based Gaussian linearization for the quantum Duffing oscillator whose Hamiltonian is a quadro-quartic polynomial of the momentum and position operators. The results of the paper are applicable to the design of suboptimal controllers and filters for nonlinear quantum systems.

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