On Stability Problems of Omega and 3-Disjoint Paths Omega Multi-stage Interconnection Networks

Ravi Rastogi, Nitin, Durg Singh Chauhan, Mahesh Chandra Govil

The research paper emphasizes that the Stable Matching problems are the same as the problems of stable configurations of Multi-stage Interconnection Networks (MIN). We have discusses the Stability Problems of Existing Regular Omega Multi-stage Interconnection Network (OMIN) and Proposed 3-Disjoint Paths Omega Multi-stage Interconnection Network (3DON) using the approaches and solutions provided by the Stable Matching Problem. Specifically, Stable Marriage Problem is used as an example of Stable Matching. On application of the concept of the Stable Marriage over the MINs states that OMIN is highly stable in comparison to 3DON.

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