A Decidable Fragment of Strategy Logic

Fabio Mogavero, Aniello Murano, Giuseppe Perelli, Moshe Y. Vardi

Strategy Logic (SL, for short) has been recently introduced by Mogavero, Murano, and Vardi as a useful formalism for reasoning explicitly about strategies, as first-order objects, in multi-agent concurrent games. This logic turns to be very powerful, subsuming all major previously studied modal logics for strategic reasoning, including ATL, ATL*, and the like. Unfortunately, due to its expressiveness, SL has a non-elementarily decidable model-checking problem and a highly undecidable satisfiability problem, specifically, $\Sigma_{1}^{1}$-Hard. In order to obtain a decidable sublogic, we introduce and study here One-Goal Strategy Logic (SL[1G], for short). This logic is a syntactic fragment of SL, strictly subsuming ATL*, which encompasses formulas in prenex normal form having a single temporal goal at a time, for every strategy quantification of agents. SL[1G] is known to have an elementarily decidable model-checking problem. Here we prove that, unlike SL, it has the bounded tree-model property and its satisfiability problem is decidable in 2ExpTime, thus not harder than the one for ATL*.

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