Successive Secret Key Agreement over Generalized Multiple Access and Broadcast Channels

Somayeh Salimi, Mikael Skoglund, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh, Mohammad Reza Aref

A secret key agreement framework between three users is considered in which each of the users 1 and 2 intends to share a secret key with user 3 and users 1 and 2 are eavesdroppers with respect to each other. There is a generalized discrete memoryless multiple access channel (GDMMAC) from users 1 and 2 to user 3 where the three users receive outputs from the channel. Furthermore, there is a broadcast channel (BC) from user 3 to users 1 and 2. Secret key sharing is intended where GDMMAC and BC can be successively used. In this framework, an inner bound of the secret key capacity region is derived. Moreover, for a special case where the channel inputs and outputs of the GDMAC and the BC form Markov chains in some order, the secret key capacity region is derived. Also the results are discussed through a binary example.

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