User profile based proportional share scheduling and mac protocol for manets

J. Hannah Monisha, V. Rhymend Uthariaraj

Quality of Service(QoS) in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) though a challenge, becomes a necessity because of its applications in critical scenarios. Providing QoS for users belonging to various profiles and playing different roles, becomes the need of the hour. In this paper, we propose proportional share scheduling and MAC protocol (PS2-MAC) model. It classifies users based on their profile as High Profiled users (HP), Medium Profiled users (MP) and Low profiled users (LP) and assigns proportional weights. Service Differentiation for these three service classes is achieved through, rationed dequeuing algorithm, variable inter frame space, proportionate prioritized backoff timers and enhanced RTS/CTS control packets. Differentiated services is simulated in ns2 and results show that 9.5% control overhead is reduced in our proposed scheme than the existing scheme and results also justify that, differentiated services have been achieved for the different profiles of users with proportionate shares and thereby reducing starvation.

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