Four-Group Decodable Space-Time Block Codes

Dung Ngoc Dao, Chau Yuen, Chintha Tellambura, Yong Liang Guan, Tjeng Thiang Tjhung

Two new rate-one full-diversity space-time block codes (STBC) are proposed. They are characterized by the \emph{lowest decoding complexity} among the known rate-one STBC, arising due to the complete separability of the transmitted symbols into four groups for maximum likelihood detection. The first and the second codes are delay-optimal if the number of transmit antennas is a power of 2 and even, respectively. The exact pair-wise error probability is derived to allow for the performance optimization of the two codes. Compared with existing low-decoding complexity STBC, the two new codes offer several advantages such as higher code rate, lower encoding/decoding delay and complexity, lower peak-to-average power ratio, and better performance.

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