A Heterogeneous Graph with Factual, Temporal and Logical Knowledge for Question Answering Over Dynamic Contexts

Wanjun Zhong, Duyu Tang, Nan Duan, Ming Zhou, Jiahai Wang, Jian Yin

We study question answering over a dynamic textual environment. Although neural network models achieve impressive accuracy via learning from input-output examples, they rarely leverage various types of knowledge and are generally not interpretable. In this work, we propose a graph-based approach, where a heterogeneous graph is automatically built with factual knowledge of the context, temporal knowledge of the past states, and logical knowledge that combines human-curated knowledge bases and rule bases. We develop a graph neural network over the constructed graph, and train the model in an end-to-end manner. Experimental results on a benchmark dataset show that the injection of various types of knowledge improves a strong neural network baseline. An additional benefit of our approach is that the graph itself naturally serves as a rational behind the decision making.

Knowledge Graph



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