Boosting Connectivity in Retinal Vessel Segmentation via a Recursive Semantics-Guided Network

Rui Xu, Tiantian Liu, Xinchen Ye, Yen-Wei Chen

Many deep learning based methods have been proposed for retinal vessel segmentation, however few of them focus on the connectivity of segmented vessels, which is quite important for a practical computer-aided diagnosis system on retinal images. In this paper, we propose an efficient network to address this problem. A U-shape network is enhanced by introducing a semantics-guided module, which integrates the enriched semantics information to shallow layers for guiding the network to explore more powerful features. Besides, a recursive refinement iteratively applies the same network over the previous segmentation results for progressively boosting the performance while increasing no extra network parameters. The carefully designed recursive semantics-guided network has been extensively evaluated on several public datasets. Experimental results have shown the efficiency of the proposed method.

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