Urban Anomaly Analytics: Description, Detection, and Prediction

Mingyang Zhang, Tong li, Yue Yu, Yong Li, Pan Hui, Yu Zheng

Urban anomalies may result in loss of life or property if not handled properly. Automatically alerting anomalies in their early stage or even predicting anomalies before happening are of great value for populations. Recently, data-driven urban anomaly analysis frameworks have been forming, which utilize urban big data and machine learning algorithms to detect and predict urban anomalies automatically. In this survey, we make a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art research on urban anomaly analytics. We first give an overview of four main types of urban anomalies, traffic anomaly, unexpected crowds, environment anomaly, and individual anomaly. Next, we summarize various types of urban datasets obtained from diverse devices, i.e., trajectory, trip records, CDRs, urban sensors, event records, environment data, social media and surveillance cameras. Subsequently, a comprehensive survey of issues on detecting and predicting techniques for urban anomalies is presented. Finally, research challenges and open problems as discussed.

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