GraftNet: An Engineering Implementation of CNN for Fine-grained Multi-label Task

Chunhua Jia, Lei Zhang, Hui Huang, Weiwei Cai, Hao Hu, Rohan Adivarekar

Multi-label networks with branches are proved to perform well in both accuracy and speed, but lacks flexibility in providing dynamic extension onto new labels due to the low efficiency of re-work on annotating and training. For multi-label classification task, to cover new labels we need to annotate not only newly collected images, but also the previous whole dataset to check presence of these new labels. Also training on whole re-annotated dataset costs much time. In order to recognize new labels more effectively and accurately, we propose GraftNet, which is a customizable tree-like network with its trunk pretrained with a dynamic graph for generic feature extraction, and branches separately trained on sub-datasets with single label to improve accuracy. GraftNet could reduce cost, increase flexibility, and incrementally handle new labels. Experimental results show that it has good performance on our human attributes recognition task, which is fine-grained multi-label classification.

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