Hybrid Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach for Investigating Residential Load Compositions and Load Percentages

Ahmed S. Alahmed, Muhammed M. Almuhaini

Electricity loads are one of the most vital parts of any power network. The high inter-temporal and behavioral variability of the load profile makes it almost impossible for utilities and system operators to expect the demand curve. A sound granularity of the load compositions and percentages throughout the year is essential for avoiding energy losses and proper adjustments of electricity rates. In this paper, we offer a simplistic model that can be followed by system operators and load serving entities to initially understand the customers' consumption pattern and the household load structure. A top-down approach is combined and matched with a detailed bottom-up one and used to extract load compositions and percentages. Real and local top-down load profiles integrated with household statistical data such as device time of use (ToU), number of devices per house and activities exercised in households are all included in the model. The main results of the paper show the load composition in residential demand and the percentage of such composition under summer and winter scenarios.

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