Dynamic iteration schemes and port-Hamiltonian formulation in coupled DAE circuit simulation

Michael Günther, Andreas Bartel, Birgit Jacob, Timo Reis

Electric circuits are usually described by charge- and flux-oriented modified nodal analysis. In this paper, we derive models as port-Hamiltonian systems on several levels: overall systems, multiply coupled systems and systems within dynamic iteration procedures. To this end, we introduce new classes of port-Hamiltonian differential-algebraic equations. Thereby, we additionally allow for nonlinear dissipation on a subspace of the state space. Both, each subsystem and the overall system, possess a port-Hamiltonian structure. A structural analysis is performed for the new setups. Dynamic iteration schemes are investigated and we show that the Jacobi approach as well as an adapted Gauss-Seidel approach lead to port-Hamiltonian differential-algebraic equations.

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