Scale-free Linear Observer-based Protocol Design for Global Regulated State Synchronization of Homogeneous Multi-agent Systems with Non-introspective Agents Subject to Input Saturation

Zhenwei Liu, Donya Nojavanzadeh, Ali Saberi, Anton A. Stoorvogel

This paper studies global regulated state synchronization of homogeneous networks of non-introspective agents in presence of input saturation. We identify three classes of agent models which are neutrally stable, double-integrator, and mixed of double-integrator, single-integrator and neutrally stable dynamics. A \textit{scale-free linear observer-based} protocol design methodology is developed based on localized information exchange among neighbors where the reference trajectory is given by a so-called exosystem which is assumed to be globally reachable. Our protocols do not need any knowledge about the communication network topology and the spectrum of associated Laplacian matrix. Moreover, the proposed protocol is scalable and is designed based on only knowledge of agent models and achieves synchronization for any communication graph with arbitrary number of agents.

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