A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Coalition Structure Generation over Graphs

Emanuel Florentin Olariu, Cristian Frasinaru, Albert Abel Policiuc

We give a column generation based branch and bound algorithm for coalition structure generation over graphs problem using valuation functions for which this problem is proven to be NP-complete. For a given graph G = (V;E) and a valuation function w : 2^V -> R, the problem is to find the most valuable coalition structure (or partition) of V. We consider two cases: first when the value of a coalition is the sum of the weights of its edges which can be positive or negative, second when the value of a coalition takes account of both inter- and intra-coalitional disagreements and agreements, respectively. For both valuations we give experimental results which cover for the first time sets of more than forty agents. For another valuation function (coordination) we give only the theoretical considerations in the appendix.

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