Wind Power Variability and Singular Events (Chapter 12. Wind Power)

S. Martin-Martínez, A. Vigueras-Rodríguez, E. Gómez-Lázaro, A. Molina-García, E. Muljadi, M. Milligan

Examples of the different events affecting wind power fluctuations are shown.The behaviors and the responses of the Spanish power system and wind power plants experiencing such events were analyzed. Examples presented in this chapter show that some of the wind power integration issues are related to low-voltage ride-through. They are solved through strict grid code enforcement. Other solutions to manage the reserve power generation and the wind power fluctuations are also very important in order to achieve high levels of wind power penetration. In the Spanish case, this could require increasing the availability of dispatchable and fast-start power plants, as well as increasing wind power plant participation on supporting the power system by providing voltage control, inertial emulation, frequency control, oscillation damping, or updated voltage ride-through capabilities.

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