Entity Type Prediction in Knowledge Graphs using Embeddings

Russa Biswas, Radina Sofronova, Mehwish Alam, Harald Sack

Open Knowledge Graphs (such as DBpedia, Wikidata, YAGO) has been recognized as the backbone of diverse applications in the field of data mining and information retrieval. Hence, the completeness and correctness of the Knowledge Graphs (KGs) are vital. Most of these KGs are mostly created either via an automated information extraction from Wikipedia snapshots or information accumulation provided by the users or using heuristics. However, it has been observed that the type information of these KGs is often noisy, incomplete, and incorrect. To deal with this problem a multi-label classification approach is proposed in this work for entity typing using KG embeddings. We compare our approach with the current state-of-the-art type prediction method and report on experiments with the KGs.

Knowledge Graph



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