Attention Prior for Real Image Restoration

Saeed Anwar, Nick Barnes, Lars Petersson

Deep convolutional neural networks perform better on images containing spatially invariant degradations, also known as synthetic degradations; however, their performance is limited on real-degraded photographs and requires multiple-stage network modeling. To advance the practicability of restoration algorithms, this paper proposes a novel single-stage blind real image restoration network (R$^2$Net) by employing a modular architecture. We use a residual on the residual structure to ease the flow of low-frequency information and apply feature attention to exploit the channel dependencies. Furthermore, the evaluation in terms of quantitative metrics and visual quality for four restoration tasks i.e. Denoising, Super-resolution, Raindrop Removal, and JPEG Compression on 11 real degraded datasets against more than 30 state-of-the-art algorithms demonstrate the superiority of our R$^2$Net. We also present the comparison on three synthetically generated degraded datasets for denoising to showcase the capability of our method on synthetics denoising. The codes, trained models, and results are available on

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