PowerModelsRestoration.jl: An Open-Source Framework for Exploring Power Network Restoration Algorithms

Noah Rhodes, David Fobes, Carleton Coffrin, Line Roald

With the escalating frequency of extreme grid disturbances, such as natural disasters, comes an increasing need for efficient recovery plans. Algorithms for optimal power restoration play an important role in developing such plans, but also give rise to challenging mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems, where tractable solution methods are not yet available. To assist in research on such solution methods, this work proposes PowerModelsRestoration, a flexible, open-source software framework for rapidly designing and testing power restoration algorithms. PowerModelsRestoration constructs a mathematical modeling layer for formalizing core restoration tasks that can be combined to develop complex workflows and high performance heuristics. The efficacy of the proposed framework is demonstrated by proof-of-concept studies on three established cases from the literature, focusing on single-phase positive sequence network models. The results demonstrate that PowerModelsRestoration reproduces the established literature, and for the first time provide an analysis of restoration with nonlinear power flow models, which have not been previously considered.

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