Adversarial Feature Learning and Unsupervised Clustering based Speech Synthesis for Found Data with Acoustic and Textual Noise

Shan Yang, Yuxuan Wang, Lei Xie

Attention-based sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) speech synthesis has achieved extraordinary performance. But a studio-quality corpus with manual transcription is necessary to train such seq2seq systems. In this paper, we propose an approach to build high-quality and stable seq2seq based speech synthesis system using challenging found data, where training speech contains noisy interferences (acoustic noise) and texts are imperfect speech recognition transcripts (textual noise). To deal with text-side noise, we propose a VQVAE based heuristic method to compensate erroneous linguistic feature with phonetic information learned directly from speech. As for the speech-side noise, we propose to learn a noise-independent feature in the auto-regressive decoder through adversarial training and data augmentation, which does not need an extra speech enhancement model. Experiments show the effectiveness of the proposed approach in dealing with text-side and speech-side noise. Surpassing the denoising approach based on a state-of-the-art speech enhancement model, our system built on noisy found data can synthesize clean and high-quality speech with MOS close to the system built on the clean counterpart.

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