Bali Temple VR: The Virtual Reality based Application for the Digitalization of Balinese Temples

I Gede Mahendra Darmawiguna, Gede Aditra Pradnyana, I Gede Partha Sindu, I Putu Prayoga Susila Karimawan, Ni Kadek Risa Ariani Dwiasri

The aim of this project is the development of Virtual Reality Application in order to document one kind of Balinese cultural heritages which are Temples. The Bali Temple VR application will allow users to do the virtual tour and experience the landscape of the temples and all objects inside the temples. The application gives on-site tour guide using virtual reality that allow users experience the visualization of the Balinese culture heritages in this case are temples. The users can walk through the temples and can see the 3D objects of temples and also there is narration of every object inside the temples with background musics. Right now, the project has completed two temples for virtual reality tour guide application. Those temples are Melanting Temples and Pulaki Temples. Based on the test results of its functional requirements, this virtual reality application has been able to run well as expected. All features that have been developed have been running well. Based on 20 respondents with various ages and backgrounds, our finding shows that The Bali Temple VR Application attracts people of all ages to use and experience it. They are eager to use it and hope that there will be more temples that they can experience to visit in this application.

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