Neurals Networks for Projecting Named Entities from English to Ewondo

Michael Franklin Mbouopda, Paulin Melatagia Yonta, Guy Stephane B. Fedim Lombo

Named entity recognition is an important task in natural language processing. It is very well studied for rich language, but still under explored for low-resource languages. The main reason is that the existing techniques required a lot of annotated data to reach good performance. Recently, a new distributional representation of words has been proposed to project named entities from a rich language to a low-resource one. This representation has been coupled to a neural network in order to project named entities from English to Ewondo, a Bantu language spoken in Cameroon. Although the proposed method reached appreciable results, the size of the used neural network was too large compared to the size of the dataset. Furthermore the impact of the model parameters has not been studied. In this paper, we show experimentally that the same results can be obtained using a smaller neural network. We also emphasize the parameters that are highly correlated to the network performance. This work is a step forward to build a reliable and robust network architecture for named entity projection in low resource languages.

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