Neural Network Retraining for Model Serving

Diego Klabjan, Xiaofeng Zhu

We propose incremental (re)training of a neural network model to cope with a continuous flow of new data in inference during model serving. As such, this is a life-long learning process. We address two challenges of life-long retraining: catastrophic forgetting and efficient retraining. If we combine all past and new data it can easily become intractable to retrain the neural network model. On the other hand, if the model is retrained using only new data, it can easily suffer catastrophic forgetting and thus it is paramount to strike the right balance. Moreover, if we retrain all weights of the model every time new data is collected, retraining tends to require too many computing resources. To solve these two issues, we propose a novel retraining model that can select important samples and important weights utilizing multi-armed bandits. To further address forgetting, we propose a new regularization term focusing on synapse and neuron importance. We analyze multiple datasets to document the outcome of the proposed retraining methods. Various experiments demonstrate that our retraining methodologies mitigate the catastrophic forgetting problem while boosting model performance.

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