Interactive Rainbow Score: A Visual-centered Multimodal Flute Tutoring System

Daniel Chin, Yian Zhang, Tianyu Zhang, Jake Zhao, Gus G. Xia

Learning to play an instrument is intrinsically multimodal, and we have seen a trend of applying visual and haptic feedback in music games and computer-aided music tutoring systems. However, most current systems are still designed to master individual pieces of music; it is unclear how well the learned skills can be generalized to new pieces. We aim to explore this question. In this study, we contribute Interactive Rainbow Score, an interactive visual system to boost the learning of sight-playing, the general musical skill to read music and map the visual representations to performance motions. The key design of Interactive Rainbow Score is to associate pitches (and the corresponding motions) with colored notation and further strengthen such association via real-time interactions. Quantitative results show that the interactive feature on average increases the learning efficiency by 31.1%. Further analysis indicates that it is critical to apply the interaction in the early period of learning.

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