Prediction Model Based on Integrated Political Economy System: The Case of US Presidential Election

Lingbo Li, Ying Fan, An Zeng, Zengru Di

This paper studies an integrated system of political and economic systems from a systematic perspective to explore the complex interaction between them, and specially analyzes the case of the US presidential election forecasting. Based on the signed association networks of industrial structure constructed by economic data, our framework simulates the diffusion and evolution of opinions during the election through a kinetic model called the Potts Model. Remarkably, we propose a simple and efficient prediction model for the US presidential election, and meanwhile inspire a new way to model the economic structure. Findings also highlight the close relationship between economic structure and political attitude. Furthermore, the case analysis in terms of network and economy demonstrates the specific features and the interaction between political tendency and industrial structure in a particular period, which is consistent with theories in politics and economics.

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