Multi-View Attention Networks for Visual Dialog

Sungjin Park, Taesun Whang, Yeochan Yoon, Hueiseok Lim

Visual dialog is a challenging vision-language task in which a series of questions visually grounded by a given image are answered. To resolve the visual dialog task, a high-level understanding of various multimodal inputs (e.g., question, dialog history, image, and answer) is required. Specifically, it is necessary for an agent to 1) understand question-relevant dialog history and 2) focus on question-relevant visual contents among the diverse visual contents in a given image. In this paper, we propose Multi-View Attention Network (MVAN), which considers complementary views of multimodal inputs based on attention mechanisms. MVAN effectively captures the question-relevant information from the dialog history with two different textual-views (i.e., Topic Aggregation and Context Matching), and integrates multimodal representations with two-step fusion process. Experimental results on VisDial v1.0 and v0.9 benchmarks show the effectiveness of our proposed model, which outperforms the previous state-of-the-art methods with respect to all evaluation metrics.

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