Transfer Learning for Thermal Comfort Prediction in Multiple Cities

Nan Gao, Wei Shao, Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman, Jun Zhai, Klaus David, Flora D. Salim

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is an important part of a building, which constitutes up to 40% of building energy usage. The main purpose of HVAC, maintaining appropriate thermal comfort, is crucial for the best utilisation of energy usage. Besides, thermal comfort is also crucial for well-being, health, and work productivity. Recently, data-driven thermal comfort models have got better performance than traditional knowledge-based methods (e.g. Predicted Mean Vote Model). An accurate thermal comfort model requires a large amount of self-reported thermal comfort data from indoor occupants which undoubtedly remains a challenge for researchers. In this research, we aim to tackle this data-shortage problem and boost the performance of thermal comfort prediction. We utilise sensor data from multiple cities in the same climate zone to learn thermal comfort patterns. We present a transfer learning based multilayer perceptron model from the same climate zone (TL-MLP-C*) for accurate thermal comfort prediction. Extensive experimental results on ASHRAE RP-884, the Scales Project and Medium US Office datasets show that the performance of the proposed TL-MLP-C* exceeds the state-of-the-art methods in accuracy, precision and F1-score.

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