Crisscrossed Captions: Extended Intramodal and Intermodal Semantic Similarity Judgments for MS-COCO

Zarana Parekh, Jason Baldridge, Daniel Cer, Austin Waters, Yinfei Yang

Image captioning datasets have proven useful for multimodal representation learning, and a common evaluation paradigm based on multimodal retrieval has emerged. Unfortunately, datasets have only limited cross-modal associations: images are not paired with others, captions are only paired with others that describe the same image, there are no negative associations and there are missing positive cross-modal associations. This undermines retrieval evaluation and limits research into how inter-modality learning impacts intra-modality tasks. To address this gap, we create the \textit{Crisscrossed Captions} (CxC) dataset, extending MS-COCO with new semantic similarity judgments for \textbf{247,315} intra- and inter-modality pairs. We provide baseline model performance results for both retrieval and correlations with human rankings, emphasizing both intra- and inter-modality learning.

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