R\'enyi Bounds on Information Combining

Christoph Hirche

Bounds on information combining are entropic inequalities that determine how the information, or entropy, of a set of random variables can change when they are combined in certain prescribed ways. Such bounds play an important role in information theory, particularly in coding and Shannon theory. The arguably most elementary kind of information combining is the addition of two binary random variables, i.e. a CNOT gate, and the resulting quantities are fundamental when investigating belief propagation and polar coding. In this work we will generalize the concept to R\'enyi entropies. We give optimal bounds on the conditional R\'enyi entropy after combination, based on a certain convexity or concavity property and discuss when this property indeed holds. Since there is no generally agreed upon definition of the conditional R\'enyi entropy, we consider four different versions from the literature. Finally, we discuss the application of these bounds to the polarization of R\'enyi entropies under polar codes.

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