Hybrid Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization

Jeisson Prieto, Jonatan Gomez

The major difficulty in Multi-objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) is how to find an appropriate solution that is able to converge towards the true Pareto Front with high diversity. Most existing methodologies, which have demonstrated their niche on various practical problems involving two and three objectives, face significant challenges in the dependency of the selection of the EA parameters. Moreover, the process of setting such parameters is considered time-consuming, and several research works have tried to deal with this problem. This paper proposed a new Multi-objective Algorithm as an extension of the Hybrid Adaptive Evolutionary algorithm (HAEA) called MoHAEA. MoHAEA allows dynamic adaptation of the application of operator probabilities (rates) to evolve with the solution of the multi-objective problems combining the dominance- and decomposition-based approaches. MoHAEA is compared with four states of the art MOEAs, namely MOEA/D, pa$\lambda$-MOEA/D, MOEA/D-AWA, and NSGA-II on ten widely used multi-objective test problems. Experimental results indicate that MoHAEA outperforms the benchmark algorithms in terms of how it is able to find a well-covered and well-distributed set of points on the Pareto Front.

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