Capsule-Transformer for Neural Machine Translation

Sufeng Duan, Juncheng Cao, Hai Zhao

Transformer hugely benefits from its key design of the multi-head self-attention network (SAN), which extracts information from various perspectives through transforming the given input into different subspaces. However, its simple linear transformation aggregation strategy may still potentially fail to fully capture deeper contextualized information. In this paper, we thus propose the capsule-Transformer, which extends the linear transformation into a more general capsule routing algorithm by taking SAN as a special case of capsule network. So that the resulted capsule-Transformer is capable of obtaining a better attention distribution representation of the input sequence via information aggregation among different heads and words. Specifically, we see groups of attention weights in SAN as low layer capsules. By applying the iterative capsule routing algorithm they can be further aggregated into high layer capsules which contain deeper contextualized information. Experimental results on the widely-used machine translation datasets show our proposed capsule-Transformer outperforms strong Transformer baseline significantly.

Knowledge Graph



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