EXACT: A collaboration toolset for algorithm-aided annotation of almost everything

Christian Marzahl, Marc Aubreville, Christof A. Bertram, Jennifer Maier, Christian Bergler, Christine Kröger, Jörn Voigt, Robert Klopfleisch, Andreas Maier

In many research areas scientific progress is accelerated by multidisciplinary access to image data and their interdisciplinary annotation. However, keeping track of these annotations to ensure a high-quality multi purpose data set is a challenging and labour intensive task. We developed the open-source online platform EXACT (EXpert Algorithm Cooperation Tool) that enables the collaborative interdisciplinary analysis of images from different domains online and offline. EXACT supports multi-gigapixel whole slide medical images, as well as image series with thousands of images. The software utilises a flexible plugin system that can be adapted to diverse applications such as counting mitotic figures with the screening mode, finding false annotations on a novel validation view, or using the latest deep learning image analysis technologies. This is combined with a version control system which makes it possible to keep track of changes in data sets and, for example, to link the results of deep learning experiments to specific data set versions. EXACT is freely available and has been applied successfully to a broad range of annotation tasks already, including highly diverse applications like deep learning supported cytology grading, interdisciplinary multi-centre whole slide image tumour annotation, and highly specialised whale sound spectroscopy clustering.

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