Weakly Submodular Function Maximization Using Local Submodularity Ratio

Richard Santiago, Yuichi Yoshida

Weak submodularity is a natural relaxation of the diminishing return property, which is equivalent to submodularity. Weak submodularity has been used to show that many (monotone) functions that arise in practice can be efficiently maximized with provable guarantees. In this work we introduce two natural generalizations of weak submodularity for non-monotone functions. We show that an efficient randomized greedy algorithm has provable approximation guarantees for maximizing these functions subject to a cardinality constraint. We then provide a more refined analysis that takes into account that the weak submodularity parameter may change (sometimes improving) throughout the execution of the algorithm. This leads to improved approximation guarantees in some settings. We provide applications of our results for monotone and non-monotone maximization problems.

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